Bo·he·mi·an (n.)

A believe in freedom with a unique and uncompromised view on the world. An artistic way of living while being true to oneself. 

Journey into chocolate 
My journey into chocolate has been a long time coming. I was never a chocolate lover until my path crossed with Chocolatemakers Amsterdam. At Chocolatemakers I learned more about the industry, history and craft of Bean to Bar chocolate making.

With the knowledge I gained at Chocolatemakers, I got further acquinted with the extraordinary taste of chocolate through Marika van Santvoort. She is a close friend of mine and a chocolate-expert. She has taught me , while attending her chocolate seminars, that when I want to taste chocolate in a proper way I should use more senses than only the sense of taste. Instead, I should use my sight and sense of smell as well. 

At Chocolatemakers I found the courage to taste chocolate. At the chocolate seminars I developed a curiosity to make chocolate that my own taste would appreciate and I would actually crave to eat. That is when Bohemian Cocoa originated. Bohemian Cocoa represents a mixture of uncompromised taste combined with my everlasting creativity. I dare you to taste chocolate in another way that you are used to. Use your smell, your sight and of course your taste and dive into the mind-blowing world of Bohemian Cocoa. 

Essence of chocolate making 
In my opinion delicious chocolate starts with sourcing knowing the story and identity of farmers, regions, variations of beans, fermentation and flavor notes.

The essence of chocolate making for me is to use fine flavor cocoa beans around the world, spices, herbs and fruits from different continents to create a taste that evokes emotions, curiosity, pleasure and enthusiasm. This is my drive to keep on creating and finding new unique flavor combinations.